Emmanuelle Sauvage in CCFB

Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about CCFB. Check out our Advanced FAQ for more technical information. If any of your question is not answered, do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

What sould I wear?
The student uniform consists of the black student T-shirt and black pants. If you're coming to join and train the same day, please wear any comfortable sports attire (jogging pants and black colored T-shirt) in case I do not have your size in stock.
Do I need to bring any equipment?
Υou'll need safety goggles, a pair of sticks and a knife. And as you go deeper in the art you'll need your sword and your tomahawk.
Where is the school located?
There are different training groups in multiple areas. See the classes page for additional information.
When are classes held?
Check classes for further information.
Do I need any sort of experience?
No you don't but if you have it'll help.
What do I need to bring with me?
Your training gear (knife, stick), a flash light, a bottle of water, your towel and a second t-shirt. Everyhting depends on the weather conditions.
How many classes can I attend?
At least 2 times a week in order to reach a good level but it purely depends on you and how seriously and responsibly you want to train. An important factor in your development is the workout that you do without me.
Is there a ranking system?
Yes, there are 6 levels up to black belt (6th level) and afterwards another 3 levels which have huge demands. Related article here.
What is flow?
For me flow is how comfortable you feel with your techniques and your environment. But also how you can pass from one technique to another in unspecified order. It is very important and yet very advanced not to get stuck in obstacles that your opponent raises against you.
What does CCFB means?
Combined Chinese and Filipino Boxing.
Who is the founder of CCFB?
CCFB was founded by me, Sifu Angelos Fasois. It is based on my studies in various martial arts disciplines, particularly the Chinese and Filipino martial arts.
Is there any full contact fighting?
Yes, there is, with the appropriate protection.
Do I need a training partner?
CCFB can be practiced with or without a partner with the use of Doble Baston, Solo Baston or any other weapon (eg knife, tomahawk, bullwhip etc). A practitioner will be able to develop the flowing motion needed for effective strikes.
Is CCFB focused on a specific range of fighting?
CCFB focuses more on medio/corto range, long-range fighting is also practiced. Throws and basic grappling are also included in the system.
Is there any empty hand fighting?
Yes, but it is practiced as though a knife is driven.
How long does it take for someone to become advanced?
The more you practice the more "lucky" or effective you become. Unfortunately, I cannot give a satisfactory answer.
Are there any secrets?
Secrets are what you don't know and remain so if you do not exercise. As you practice you learn; everything is clear before you.
Do you use protective equipment?
Yes, I consider it necessary to avoid permanent damage to the body which will afflict someone later. Youth mistakes pay off later. My responsibility as a teacher is to educate and not injure my students.