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Welcome to the Combined Chinese and Filipino Boxing (CCFB) website. CCFB is the ability to adapt, blend and absorb different styles, concepts and techniques. For example, the eagle claw pressure points can be blended with the Filipino way of fighting. I took principles and rhythm from wushu and mixed it harmonically with Filipino styles. My way of teaching is different...

CCFB incorporates my experience from all the countries I have travelled, fought and tought in. CCFB is a system which was born from systems! People have asked me if there is a curricullum in my system. The answer is "yes". There are 6 Levels. The main influence comes from Chinese Northern Styles of Gung Fu and Filipino Panantukan or Dirty Boxing.

CCFB Homeless The Movie from Angelos Fasois on Vimeo.

My deep knowledge in Gong Fu helped me to better understand and teach the Filipino kinisiology. Chinese and Filipino systems have something in common which is called "flow". From my personal experience flow is something very difficult to be achieved by a beginner in martial arts. Even experienced martial artists can have lack of flow in their movements and it is more difficult for them to learn it because they have to "empty the cup of knowledge".

They keep asking me what flow is... To me flow is how comfortable you feel with your techniques and your enviroment. There are plenty of exercises in CCFB to develop your flow, timing and sensitivity.

Speed development is another very important process someone must go through. I strongly believe that speed (together with timing) bring the power you need to achieve your blow and I used the "bullet" as an example.

CCFB system is always under constant evaluation and development in collaboration with the team who comprise it.

Birth of CCFB logo


I created this symbol in the house of my lifetime partner and friend Mark Cookin around 1994, during my years in England. That time I needed a symbol to represent me and the system's potential. It took me about 6 hours to design it on a piece of A4 paper and the result was this amazing symbol!


CCFB Official Logo


The circle is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness and infinity. It represents the "whole" and the ever-ending loop of knowledge, development and research. This is also the idea behind CCFB.

The triangle is one of the strongest geometrical structures and stands for strength. Many training halls incorporate the triangle into their logo. It represents numerous underlying philosophical, theoretical and metaphysical principles in the Filipino martial arts. Applications of the triangle are found in defensive and offensive tactical strategies, including footwork, stances, blocking and disarms. The triangle in CCFB also symbolizes the triangle clan of the Shaolin temple, hence the blend of Chinese and Filipino styles.

The Eagle represents the style of Eagle Claw Gung Fu I have been  practicing for several years. The Dragon is a generic style that represents Gung Fu itself. These two animals have something in common: Powerful CLAWS! This is why pressure points is a very important aspect of my teaching. Both animals are predators like the nature of my system.

 CCFB Tiger/Kerambit Logo

Overall the logo is rather agressive so as to describe the inherent agression in my system.

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